Long Overdue Update

It is long overdue for an update. Things are starting to ramp up again with the product developer who is taking the current 3D printer friendly CAD design, and turning it into a manufacture-friendly design. When all is done with this phase, the CL360 will be ready to become a manufacture ready Beta. It will […]

Latest updates, and an Anniversary!

US Patent No. 10,295,888 Anniversary time. One year ago, the CL360 was issued US Patent No. 10,295,888.  A lot has happened in a year. During that time, a new sleek design was developed, along with far more features, like dimming, WiFi control and a mobile app. It started to resemble something you can buy & […]

Updates during the COVID-19 Situation-Plugging along

https://www.cameralight360.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/my-project-2.mp4 Like so many others around the world, the COVID-19 virus has a big impact on the normal way of life. My normal “day career” as a mobile broadcast engineer, is on hold indefinitely, leaving lots of extra time at home. So, keeping busy with further work on the prototypes and publicity campaigns. One of […]

New Mobile App

Having the current prototype with an Arduino controller means that drastic changes to functionality can happen through firmware enhancements. After weeks of coding, refining, and coding some more—a fully functional mobile app is ready for use. Over the next few weeks, I plan on getting the new & improved CL360 “into the wild” to do […]

Important Development News!

Exciting news concerning the development of the CL360 Photo Flash. Since attending CES, the inventor, Tom Brunt has decided to pursue his own path toward manufacturing and distribution. This will ensure that the product can finally make it to users in a more timely fashion.   For the next step, I am pleased to announce […]

New social media accounts

Have been busy ramping up social media presence by adding some key platforms: LinkedIn and Instagram. Follow on Instagram for sample images, videos, and “behind the scenes” of the development of the CL360. On LinkedIn, there is now a dedicated Product Showcase page. If you’re on LinkedIn, give a FOLLOW for updates to all progress […]

Personal takeaways from CES 2020

Now that it is over, reflection time on how attending this event can help with the future of the CL360. I did show the product to a contact I’ve previously been in communication with. Was great to visit them at their booth. Other potential contacts simply didn’t have a presence there this year unfortunately. But […]

Some of my favorite tech from CES

After two and a half days on the floor, I still haven’t seen all of it, but I certainly found things that caught my attention, gave me chills, or otherwise made me go WOW! Here are some of them: I saw the most mentions of this in my Twitter feed. Phone video just doesn’t do […]

I Want My MTV!

An unexpected run in with an icon from my past. I was waiting in an extremely long bus line to go to Eureka Park at CES, when near me was a DJ playing songs and telling people to stop by and meet him. That DJ was Mark Goodman—one of MTV’s first VJ’s. I am the […]

First day on the floor

Spent about two hours today after a lot of travel. This is my second CES, and like the first one, overwhelming in its size. I’m not sure it’s possible to take in “everything” that is here—it’s that big. Still, I did get a taste of some things. Today just at South Hall. Just some of […]

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