CL360 Photo Flash Technical Information and Specifications


Current Specifications for CL360 Flash - Prototype Model 4.1

  • Camera Mount

    Standard 1/4" stud , telescoping to allow distance between light & camera to be varied.

  • Power Source

    8 AA batteries in handle.  12VDC.

  • Control

    Functionality controlled via mobile app, connected by WiFi connection. (Currently iOS only).
    Powered by Arduino controller.

  • Camera Connection

    Connection to camera via WiFi.  Currently Ricoh THETA models supported.

  • Operating Modes

    Operating mode set by base mounted switch.
    Flash mode: light on-trigger camera-light off.
    Continuous mode: light operates per settings in mobile app-continuous on or off.


Mobile Application - currently iOS (Apple) only.

iOS App to control all functions.
  • Light Intensity adjustment via slider.

  • On - Off when in "continuous mode."

  • Camera & Flash trigger when in "flash mode."

  • Connect to camera WiFi

Current dimensions of the Flash 4.1 prototype
Current dimensions of the Flash 4.1 prototype
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